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Welcome To Quantum Age Water

Clinically Tested and Patented Technology

Water, Hydrate, Health

Quantum Age Water was founded because we need to restore the natural chemistry in water in order to fully activate the body’s cellular transport channels for complete hydration, oxygenation, detoxification, and balancing of your body's acid-alkaline ratio. We now have a solution to optimize these critical factors using a convenient and economically attractive, easy-to-use, patented, noninvasive technology.

Water needs to be energized and stable to reach its maximum hydrating potential. Water is as critical as blood. When blood loses its energetic stability, the pH shifts, and we quickly become ill. Same with water.


Prior to the industrial revolution, the world’s waterways were not polluted. Post industrial revolution, they are devastated with pollution and have lost their energetic and therapeutic healing properties. Purified water does not put back its natural energetic stabilizing properties. This is where Quantum Age Water and its revolutionary StirWand comes in.


Clinical testing shows that drinking purified water will increase our hydration by 6%. When water is stirred with a StirWand, hydration exceeds 32%. Additionally, the energized water will flush out toxins for increased weight loss and energize our lymph and immune system.

StirWand™ patented technology, supported by clinical trials, provides the correct chemical balance to water that allows our cells to therapeutically increase the critical factors of hydration, oxygenation, ATP production, detoxification and the critical balance of the acid-alkaline ratio. Nothing is added to the water: we leverage natural energy.

It’s not the marketing or packaging that counts ... it's the chemical balance of the water before you drink it. Stir your water with a StirWand!

Balanced Energized Water for Perfect Hydration

StirWand Guarantee: unconditional 90 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

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