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Frequently Asked Questions

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Water Related Questions

1. What kind of water should I drink?

That is entirely up to you. Water used in our studies was purified water, and StirWands will balance any potable water. Many find using a simple filter at the tap, or purchasing water in bulk, along with using their StirWand meets their needs perfectly. Most hydration and detoxification claims made about various waters or water treatment systems are not substantiated by clinical studies. Quantum Age Water has invested in extensive human clinical trials for the StirWands. Studies were carried out by one of the world's leading independent water testing laboratory. The StirWand patented technology is proven to balance the chemistry in virtually any potable water. There are significant savings potential in terms of both money and the environment (e.g. by reducing the volume of plastic bottles thrown away).

2. How much water do I need to drink?

The standard amount of water recommended for an individual to consume daily is ½ ounce per lb. of body weight. This was the standard used in all of our clinical trials. The testing laboratory performing clinical trials on StirWands reports that of nearly 40,000 people tested over a 7 year period, all drinking this amount of water, 94% were still dehydrated. StirWand technology makes the water you drink count.

3. Doesn’t drinking more water naturally increase hydration?

We’re drinking more water, spending more money on the water we drink, yet still dehydrated. Finally, there is a simple, natural and safe solution. It’s not the source of water, or how much it costs that counts – it’s the balance of it before you drink it. Clinical trials performed showed:

  • StirWands increase baseline hydration 32.4% (30 days). 

  • StirWands increase baseline blood oxygen 12.8% (14 days). 

  • StirWands decrease total body toxins 19.4% (within 90 days – the placebo group had NO significant change in cellular detoxification).

  • StirWands increase ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) 11.3% (30 days).

  • For optimal benefits, drink the amount of water you need (half your body weight in ounces, daily), and make every ounce of it stirred water.

4. Why is hydration so important?

Quantum Age Water was created because of the need to restore the natural chemistry in water in order to fully activate the body’s cellular aquaporin and ion channels to increase hydration, cellular oxygenation, and cellular detoxification, and balance the acid-alkaline ratio of the body. Hydration is a mathematical measurement of the fluid levels in the body. The more hydrated you are, the more efficiently you transport nutrients and hormones, and flush toxins. A world leading independent water testing laboratory showed that of nearly 40,000 people tested, all drinking enough water, 94% were still dehydrated. Our bodies need help in balancing the water we drink so it can do its job, allowing our bodies to do theirs.

Water transports all substances inside the body. Water is the main solvent for vitamins and minerals.

A well-hydrated system:

  • Delivers nutrients to the cells

  • Delivers oxygen to the cells efficiently

  • Increases blood oxygen levels

  • Balances the acid-alkaline ratio of the body

  • Removes waste materials from the cells 

  • Helps to remove toxic material from the liver & kidneys 

  • Is critical for efficient function of energy-generating cycles 

  • Provides electrical energy for brain function Is required for the synthesis of neurotransmitters 

  • Can reduce depression, stress and anxiety 

  • Can restore normal sleep cycles 

  • Increases the efficiency of the immune system 

  • Is required for the production of hormones 

  • Can reduce PMS symptoms 

  • Helps to regulate ocular pressure 

  • May reduce the risk of heart attacks & strokes 

  • Is necessary for all digestive functions 

  • Helps to regulate adhesion index of blood cells 

  • Can prevent constipation 

  • Reduces the skin’s signs of aging 

  • Aids in weight loss 

  • Enhances joint flexibility and strength 

  • Enhances athletic performance


Water is an essential nutrient that is involved in every function of the body.

StirWand Basics
5. How do StirWands work?

Based on natural energy. The volcanic minerals are not being added to the water. The minerals are enclosed in medical grade polymers – nothing leaves the wand, nothing enters it. It’s all based on energy, not mechanically or artificially altering the water.

The StirWand naturally and non-invasively restores the natural chemistry needed in the water. This enables it to hydrate and oxygenate cells to their fullest potential by making the energy and contents of the water molecule fully available to the cell's aquaporins. Please review the summaries of all of the clinical trials, the science behind the technology, the importance of hydration, agriculture and aquaculture applications and more.

6. Why are there several StirWands, and how do they differ?

All StirWands naturally balance the water chemistry, allowing water to do it’s job, whether in you, your kids, your pets, your health drinks, your bath, your fish tank or pond, flower vase or garden, pool or spa, laundry, carpet cleaner or soaking coffee pot or pan, septic tank – or used in bathing and rinsing your hair. Stirred water is more hydrating, more energized and can do a better job of cleaning.


We started with the Basic or 24/7 for general use day or night. This is the StirWand that has been used in clinical trials and the benefits documented.


We added specialty StirWands as we received requests for a variety of energy enhancements. The Specialty StirWands consist of the same materials, in different blends for focused applications. They have not been directly evaluated in clinical studies.

The 5 StirWands:


  • Blue Violet - 24/7 StirWand

For everyday use and stress relief. All hours.

  • Purple - Zen Master StirWand 

For relaxation, meditation & calming. Evening use.

  • Rose - Warm Heart StirWand

For opening the heart chakra. Day time use.

  • Yellow - Illuminator StirWand

For stimulating mental clarity & inspiration. Day time use.

  • Amber - Gardener StirWand

For enhancing the vitality of flowers, house & garden plants, fresh fruits & vegetables and for healthier, happier fish in tanks or ponds.

Note: While there is no harm to either the water or you in doing so, and while it might look cool with the different colors, it’s recommended that you use only one type of StirWand at a time, i.e, putting a Zen Master, a Warm Heart,  and an Illuminator StirWand in the same water glass or bottle will only serve to potentially negate the effects of the individual energies, not increase the hydration benefits. Perfectly OK to use one, and then switch to another, depending on your mood or task at hand.

7. How long will my StirWand last?

With reasonable care, your StirWand might outlast you. We offer a 90 money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects. Stir water with a StirWand before drinking it, or after preparing a beverage with boiling water (e.g. tea or coffee), then stir it. Do not place in microwave or dishwashers. Wash with a mild soap.

8. Is stirring the water necessary?

No, you can either stir the water, from a glass to a gallon, for 30 seconds, or just leave the wand in the water. It will not overcharge the water, nor shorten the life of the wand.

If the container is larger than a gallon, like say a water cooler, either stir longer or just leave the StirWand in the container, just as you would simply drop in fish tanks or place in ponds, watering troughs, etc. A single StirWand is enough for up to 500 gallons.

If you leave the wand in your water bottle, just be careful of your teeth. The StirWands are very sturdy. Kids are often attracted to the Stirwands - don’t let them chew on them.

If stirring, obviously, the end containing the minerals goes in the water. The minerals do NOT leave the container – it’s the energy of the minerals that does the magic.

9. Do StirWands change the pH of the water?

No, the StirWands are not designed to change the pH level as clinical studies show the pH level is not a factor in increasing hydration. What the StirWands do is stabilize the existing pH, which is a critical factor in hydration.

10. Will the StirWands change the taste of water?

Most comment their stirred water is very smooth and that it tastes better. For some, this makes drinking enough water a pleasure rather than a chore. Some report even their kids are drinking more water.

using StirWands


11. Will I feel a difference drinking “stirred” water?

If you drink the right amount of stirred water, ½ ounce per lb of body weight per day, you’ll experience what was reported in the clinicals in terms of increased hydration and oxygen levels in 14 days, and decreased cellular toxins within 90 days. By then, hopefully, it’s a habit, and you won’t drink anything but stirred water. Your skin, the largest organ of the body, will thank you, for sure. What you might feel will depend on which StirWand you’re using, and what your condition is physically. If you haven’t been drinking water, and then start drinking enough, that alone can make a difference - using the StirWand even more so, in terms of body functions, energy and even brain function.

Some of the StirWands are fairly high energy, so some can feel the energy effect within a few minutes of drinking the water. Some can feel the energy benefits from just holding a StirWand. When properly hydrated and oxygenated, the acid-alkaline ratio of the body is balanced to  function more efficiently. Appreciate, too, the benefits of continued consumption of the proper amount of stirred water, namely, that you’ll maintain therapeutic hydration levels, consistently saturating every cell with oxygen to optimize the action of the body's many cleansing systems. Cellular toxins were reduced 19.4%, along with 75% of the blood mercury levels, in our 90-day study.

Many find they must have more than one StirWand, not only for convenience, but because there is no reason to drink or use water that is not stirred. Always carry one with you.

12. Are StirWands safe for pets & kids?

Yes, absolutely – use for all their water. We’ve had reports of the Warm Heart, for opening the heart chakra, seeming to make pets friendlier, and the 24/7 seeming to de-stress them. The Zen Master is ideal for evening use.

13. What if I add to, or do other things to, my water?

Make stirring the water the last thing you do before you drink it. If you’re making tea, boil the water, stir it (safe in hot water or beverages), then make your tea. You might want to place the Basic or 24/7 StirWand next to the tea bag for 30 seconds, or just place the StirWand in your tea cup.

Clinical studies used only purified water. Nothing was added, so we cannot say what effect adding lemon or anything else to your water might have.

14. Is the Zen Master the only StirWand I can use in a bath?

The Zen Master is great for a bath due to its calming and relaxing energies. However, any StirWand is fine, and will help the water do a better job of cleaning, surround you with the particular energy of the wand, and help keep the tub cleaner, too. Just drop it in the tub and leave for the duration of the bath.

15. Are there other uses for StirWands and stirred water?

StirWands allow water to do its job better. Water is the best solvent available – it just needs help to restore its potential, whether in our bodies or when used in cleaning. Detergents or surfactants are added to water to help it do a better job of cleaning. Surfactants are added to fertilizers to allow plant leaves to more easily absorb the solution. Stirred water is the best surfactant in the world, and allows you to use less detergent and other surfactants, saving both money and the environment.

Drop one in your washing machine and reduce the amount of detergent you use by one half or more, depending on how dirty the clothes are. Use any StirWand you like. Will not hurt the StirWand or machine.

Drop a StirWand in the water when soaking a crusted pan or stained coffee pot or mug. This will dramatically minimize your cleaning time and will leave them sparkling. Use in your carpet or floor cleaner, cleaning glasses or windows. Use in your bath, for a cleaner you and a cleaner tub.

Water and spray your plants with stirred water. While you can use any StirWand, your plants will be even happier and healthier if you use the Gardener.

The StirWand does an amazing job of dissolving your greens or protein powders in health drinks, while balancing the water.

Use stirred water for washing your face, bathing, brushing your teeth and rinsing, as a final rinse when washing your hair, as a dampening spray on dry hair – the list is endless. Use stirred water for everything and anything you use water for, on or in.

Stirred water can relieve headaches, as most headaches are often a result of dehydration.

Many also find the energies of Stirwands assist in healing and pain relief when placed on a cut, bruise, sprain, mouth pain or insect bite.

The StirWands make any water work better, whether in you, your kids, your pets, your health drinks, your bath, your fish tank or pond, flower vase or garden, pool or spa, your laundry, carpet cleaner or soaking coffee pot or pan or septic tank.

Purchasing StirWands
16. How do I purchase Stirwands, and how much are they?

The Basic or 24/7 StirWand™ is $89.95, including a clear carrying case. The Specialty StirWands are $129.95 each. If you take even minimal care of them, and don’t lose them, they’ll likely outlast you. The betterment of your health, including your skin, and savings to the environment are priceless.  The actual monetary savings can add up quickly if you give up the expensive water and plastic bottle habits and even faster if you use stirred water in all your cleaning so you can cut back on other solvents. To purchase, visit our Shop StirWands webpage. For corporate accounts and distributor options, please contact us.

17. What other information on StirWands is available?

Please review the clinical studies and view the blood microscopy videos contained herein. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

18. What if I have additional questions?

Please contact us.

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