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Only StirWands™, launched in 2005, are patented and clinically proven in human trials by a world leading independent water testing laboratory, Fenestra Research Laboratories, employing its Optimal Wellness Test.

In the late 1990’s, Melonie Montgomery, PhD, revealed in her seminal work that discovered the correct chemical balance of water to meet the criteria of structured balanced water molecules only passing through the aquaporins. This is the most profound breakthrough as it provides the means to test water to see immediately if it will hydrate, oxygenate, detoxify, and balances the acid-alkaline ratio of the body.


This discovery was possible with the development of a cellular analyzer that isolates the correct chemical balance of water. This having opened the window into mathematically testing the fluid level differences between urine (what your body is releasing), and your saliva (what your body is holding on to).

In a 7 year period, over 35,000 human subjects have gone through hydration testing.

This testing clearly shows that the current state of the average human is not up to the challenge of processing and absorbing enough water, even if the correct amount of water is consumed daily. Over 90% of the 35,000 people tested were found to be significantly dehydrated.

Fourth Clinical Study

The purpose of this fourth clinical study was to evaluate the StirWand’s ability to improve intra-cellular hydration, blood oxygen levels and ATP, cellular and heavy metals detoxification, and balance pH.


This was a 90-day, 125-subject study using subjects drawn from a large population of people in general good health. 100 were placed in the active StirWand group and 25 in the control group.


Conclusions presented:


The use of the StirWand has been shown to be a safe and highly effective means of increasing cellular hydration, blood oxygen, ATP (Adenosine Try-Phosphate), as well as safely decreasing cellular toxins and heavy metals.


The study showed a significant improvement in the cellular hydration of approximately 32.4% overall in the active product group. This number stayed consistently the same from the third week of the study through its last day.


A significant improvement in the removal of harmful; nitrates, mercury – 75%, lead – 41.57%, cadmium – 68.57%, aluminum – 46.66%, and nickel – 57.14% in the active product group at the 90 day mark.


Significant improvement in the ATP, carbohydrate side of the energy cycle, showing an 11.3% improvement overall in the active product group.


90-day, 125-subject Study, Spring 2010

Third Clinical Study

In September 2007, a 3 month study was conducted with a control/placebo group of 50 subjects drinking non-stirred purified water (at 7.0 pH) and 50 subjects drinking stirred purified water. The placebo group showed a 6% average increase in hydration over their baseline, however, the stirred group recorded a 28.5% increase over their baseline, thus giving the group drinking stirred water a 22.5% margin over the placebo group.

The blood work on 12 arterial blood draws was significant. The 12 subjects began with an average blood oxygen level of 88%, and in just two weeks jumped to over an average of over 98%, an average increase of 10.25%.

Doctors requested to review blood microscopy on the 12 arterial blood draws. Lifeless blood was restored to healthy hydration and oxygen levels in 7 days (subjects went from 88% to 95% in 7 days). Blood cells that were completely stacked up and starving for oxygen were released, free and moving with oxygen.

All of this resulted from simply consuming an average of only three quarts of stirred water per day for one week. This showed that drinking StirWand water is every bit as vital as breathing oxygen through our lungs!

90-day, 100-subject Study, December 2007

Second Clinical Study

The second study included 50 people, over a period of 30 days, all drinking purified water (7.0 pH). The results showed a 23.5% increase over baseline hydration and a 9.8% increase in blood oxygen. Blood draws were tested on 12 people, and all fifty subjects showed a 9.4% blood oxygen increase with oximeters.

30-day Study, September 2006

First Clinical Study

Five people were tested for two weeks, two on tap water (5.5 pH) and three on purified water (5.8 pH). One of the subjects on purified water had his blood drawn and tested for oxygen content, at baseline, and at the end of two weeks. All subjects were tested before and after with hospital quality pulse oximeters (accurate to .50 of one percent).

The tests showed an average increase from baseline hydration for those drinking stirred tap water of 18.5%, and 20.1% for those drinking stirred purified water. The oxygen increase averaged 9.7% with oximeters. The one blood draw showed a substantial increase of 12%, with similar increases documented in later testing as well.

Preliminary Study, 2006
Additional Reports
Toxicity Report May 2008
90-Day Stability Test, December 2006
Oximeter Oxygen Levels, September 2006
48-hour Stability Test, August 2006
Blood Oxygen Levels, August 2006
Understanding Hydration, 2006
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