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About Us

Mission Statement


Our mission is to champion the critical importance of hydration, and deliver a patented, non-invasive, energetic solution to restoring the natural balance and energy to water.


Through our clinically proven technology using Newtonian physics to show a quantum phenomenon, we know how to restore the natural balance and energetic stability to water. This unleashes its ability to empower your body by providing therapeutic levels of hydration, oxygenation, cellular detoxification, and balancing the acid-alkaline ratio of the body. When you give the body what it needs, it can do miraculous things!

There is no other technology proven through human clinical trials to increase hydration and oxygen levels so dramatically and quickly. Extensive testing of many products on thousands of people has revealed none that accomplish the therapeutic levels achieved by the StirWand™.

Making StirWands a part of everyone's self care and survival tool kits is our passion. Actually, it's more like an obsession. Quantum Age Water will always respond to a phone call or e-mail.


Make every ounce of water you drink count!

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