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Quantum Age Water discovered the hydration solution in nature, using various blends of rock minerals. These minerals balance water chemistry to a perfect match for nature.

Quantum Age Water created a quantum event by enclosing volcanic minerals to create the StirWand. This solved the age old hydration dilemma that is created by human industrial pollution. The high energy coming from the StirWand frees the water molecules. The freed water molecules can pass through the aquaporin channels, resulting in increased hydration, oxygenation, cellular detoxification, and balances the acid-alkaline ratio of the body. Simultaneously, the freed water molecules are stabilized with this natural energy for several days in an open container, and months if the container is sealed.

Human clinical trials were conducted for hydration, oxygenation, detoxification, and balancing the acid-alkaline ratio of the body, as well as testing different types of water. It’s crystal clear that what’s significant in hydration is the chemical balance of water before you drink it, not where the water comes from. Provided your have clean potable water and the correct water chemistry, you are on your way to an average increase in hydration of 466%, as proven in our three-month, one hundred-subject study completed in Spring 2010. This is an average savings of over 30% of your water.

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